Spiritual and Values Formation

During these first years of education, the foundations that will help students become good persons are built. We try to offer a positive environment for them to develop successfully and help each child to fulfill completely, forming his will, heart, affectivity, freedom and responsibility.

The formation of habits and virtues begin in preschool, so discipline is crucial but always accompanied by constant motivation so the student, convinced of its benefits, chooses to do good.
We have activities that help children learn about virtues, how to evaluate them, live them, and transmit them, in a usual, firm and committed manner, depending on their age and level of development. We seek to motivate students with examples of actions, for them to live the virtues steadily, inside and outside school, making them part of their life.

Our students become acquainted with religion in a natural way. They develop friendships with Jesus and Mary, an experience that fills them with joy, as they realize they have friends who love them and take care of them. They also learn to be grateful for all the gifts they’ve received, and this gratitude helps them increase the awareness to help others.

We have the support of priests and consecrated men and women to guide and assist in spiritual formation and in forming each of our students and their families in values.