In order to be successful in a second language, it is necessary to start at an early age. Our schools have a bilingual system. The immersion in the second language is developed in every school activity and in all contexts. In doing so, we engage our students effectively and naturally in the process of learning a second language.

They begin learning English through various activities carried out in a pleasant and enjoyable way through the use of concrete and attractive material.

Our program is focused on an intense oral communication, in which the opportunities to listen and speak in English are multiple: playing with words, analyzing them, comparing them and repeating them allows children to progressively incorporate the language into their daily life. At this stage, the success of a correct pronunciation in English is achieved, that’s why our program is rich in songs and rhymes, since it’s an attractive way for children and leads the learning of English to happen naturally, as with a native language.

Being bilingual allows our students access to different cultures. The more knowledge he has, the more developed the reasoning of a bilingual student will be. Because of this, our students can be more creative, more flexible, and form a more open-minded view of the world and of others.