General Information

Our preschool balances the support of a great institution with the benefits of a small preschool.

The support of a GREAT INSTITUTION

  • - More than 60 years of experience in education forming leaders.
  • Pioneers in Integral Formation and personalized attention.
  • Schools in 16 countries and 32 cities in Mexico.
  • International group of education experts (ICIF: International Center for Integral Formation), constantly updating to be at the forefront in academic programs.
  • Facilities from other school sections that complement preschool.

With the benefits of a SMALL PRESCHOOL

  • Small groups to attend personally to each student’s needs.
  • Exclusive areas for preschool, with facilities tailored for preschool children.
  • Competency-based academic program, in which the student is the focal point of learning. Learning through play is an important tool that we use for our student’s development.
  • Sports and cultural activities tailored for children this age.