From Preschool to Elementary School

One of the most important changes young children go through is entering Elementary School. The change in their school environment, their interpersonal relationships and the contents to develop are different from preschool, which implies new challenges for them.

  • Improve and enrich their expression and comprehension of oral messagesin two languages, and increase their vocabulary to meet personal and social needs.

  • - Understand the main functions of written language, and knowing the characteristics of different types of texts, through the participation in reading and writing activities in two languages (native and foreign).
  • - Learn to obtain and select information from different sources, and use it as a resource for exchanging opinions and forming judgments.
  • - Acquire the mastery of basic technologic tools, and developing critical thinking abilities.
  • - Learn mathematic notions, from situations that demand the use of knowledge and capacities.
  • - Assume different roles, work in collaboration and support those in need. Likewise, resolve conflicts through dialog, and acknowledge and respect rules of cohabitation in and out of school.
  • - Know what their contribution can be to the needs of those around them, and to respond with enthusiasm.
  • - Learn, comprehend and make their own concepts: listening, memorizing, reconstructing and recreating them in their imagination, and starting to develop their capacity of reflection and creativity.
    - Discover God, who loves them, and meeting Christ as a friend. Fomenting in them the virtues of joy, order and discipline, and the willingness to live them with enthusiasm following the example of Christ, their friend.
    - Build a positive sense of themselves, so they act with initiative and autonomy, showing disposition to learn, recognizing their capabilities in different areas of participation, expressing their feelings and learning to regulate their emotions.
    - Develop the capacity to solve problems creatively, in situations that involve collaboration work, reflection, explanation and search for solutions.
    - Evolve abilities to observe natural phenomena; asking, predicting, comparing, experimenting, examining, searching for information and elaborating explanations about transformation processes of the natural and social world.